Tropical Bird & Barnyard Tire Planters 

Created from recycled tires these tropical bird and barnyard flower pots /  tire planters will liven up any garden , patio, or home. Choose between Red Parrot Macaw, Blue Parrot, Green Parrot ,Blue/Gold Macaw & Toucan

Red Parrot- Macaw Planter

Blue Parrot Planter

Green Parrot

Blue/Gold Macaw Planter

Toucan Planter

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These recycled  tropical bird tire flower pots (planters) are made from recycled tires that would otherwise litter our landfills. They are fully assembled. Plant and hanging device not included. Shipping weight is aprox. 15 lbs. 

For a limited time we are offering our tire bird planters for only $49.95. 


-phone orders call 1-210-587-7676 

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